Final Year Project

1) Brain Inspector (Detection & 3D Visualization of Brain Tumor from Brain MRI Scans)

The increased importance of automated computer techniques for anatomical brain mapping from MR images and quantitative brain image analysis methods leads to an increased need for validation and evaluation of the effect of image acquisition parameters on performance of these procedures. Validation of analysis techniques of acquired images is complicated due to the lack of reference data. The detection and visualization of brain diseases from MRI images using 3D Image Segmentation makes it easy to analyses for a doctor. Further Semantic Web based Decision Support System enhance prescription of treatment for doctor. 

Images are an important part of medicine. X-ray images, Magnetic resonance images (MRI) and Computed tomography (CT) images are routinely used tools in hospitals. The development of medical imaging is rapidly going towards more advance computer help. Today, many radiology departments are switching from traditional films handling to complete digitization of the medical images.

The advantages are many. The computer facilitates and speeds up the whole workflow. The images are produced more quickly, earlier examinations are retrieved instantaneously, and no space consuming archives of films are needed. In addition, the computer provides possibilities to improve the usefulness of the images.

MR and CT images are produced as a series of slices through the examined part of the body. Up till now, physicians have mostly looked at them one at a time, browsing through this image stack. One can, however, create an image of the whole volume at once. A three- dimensional image contains much more information, provided that you can display it in an appropriate way. For example, a surgeon is better prepared for an operation if he has had the chance to look at the concerned region from all possible viewpoints.

Brain Inspector mainly deals with segmentation. Segmentation is a process that separate objects in an image. In medical images, the aim is to separate different parts of the anatomy. The enhancement of 3D visualization is one of many applications for segmentation. Brain Inspector focuses on detecting brain tumor and other head injuries from MRI scan. It also enables doctors to take accurate decision depending upon the segmentation that our product provides. It also helps doctors to view similar cases occurred in past and also the treatments that other followed to solve the problem. It also provides doctors the 3-D visualization of brain tumors and other head injuries.

Semester Projects


  1. Simulation of Advance Reservation of deadline-constrained bulk data in Grid Network (Computer System Evolution) 
  2. Lungs Segmentation using Different Image Processing Techniques (Digital Image Processing)
  3. Semantic Web Based Online Train Ticket Reservation System (Semantic Web Technologies)
  4. Build Data Warehouse for a Telecom Company (Data Warehouse) 
  5. Protein clustering of a large data set (Applied Programming)

Industry Projects

1) MTBC Electronic Medical Records (MTBC-EMR)

Currently working on CCHIT® Certified EMR delivers customizable, intuitive, meaningful use to medical practices of all sizes and specialties. Eliminate added expenses by utilizing MTBC for all of your medical billing and practice management needs.

    EMR Features:

  •  Integrated e-prescribing
  •  Clinical decision support
  • Evaluation and management coding
  • Direct medical billing submissions

2) Vehicle Number Plate Reorganization System

Work on designing and implementation of Number Plate Recognition Software Application that enables computer systems to read automatically the registration number (license number) of vehicles from digital pictures. Automatic Number Plate Recognition (or as frequently called 'number plate recognition') is a special form of optical character recognition (OCR).